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It’s not in your head, these planetary pressures are FOR REAL

Everyone is feeling massive pressure in some way… Pluto wants transformation. Uranus shakes things up. If there are things in your life that haven’t been working… it will be shown to you by breaking down… and you will be FORCED … Continue reading

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THE Life Lesson from Living Authentically in 2014

From this moment forward, I take full responsibility to always make the best choices  for my highest self. And if I don’t, I am aware that  ALL actions have consequences.  No one is exempt from this universal truth. My new mantra: Eyes … Continue reading

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simple truth

People have to learn their own lessons. Who am I trying to give advice, when my life is not in order? People will ALWAYS do what they want, regardless of what I tell them. I am fully aware that all … Continue reading

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either way…

Introspection… How many times have I done things because I didn’t want people to think that I am ______? (fill in the blank) It’s not really about them, it’s about what I really think about myself… because if I knew … Continue reading

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How you begin and end your day makes all the difference…

I’ve made some lifestyle adjustments… Instead of checking email and adding to my “to do” list first thing in the morning… I now honor myself by starting the day centered, grounded, and in peace… which for me means Reiki and meditation… FIRST … Continue reading

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This is The Fool Reversed…

The message delivered by the Fool reversed… I can’t keep doing the same things over and over and over that I know are not good for me… that will eventually lead to an incapacitating migraine… or whatever else that may … Continue reading

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same city.. a thousand miles away

Overheard on the subway platform: “… you are in the same city, but a thousand miles away, my friend…” Unfortunately, I relate… So many different lifestyles here, meshing schedules isn’t as seamless as one would think… My very good friend … Continue reading

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So what am I choosing…?

…Last night I had a headache… and I hadn’t had one of those in a loooooong time… my body is telling me something… but I feel like I’ve done so much inner work… and life should be easier… and it … Continue reading

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holy wakeup call, batman!

i caught my reflection in the mirror stripped down naked baring my soul sometimes you just have to face yourself and ask how did i get here? the culmination of my past choices glared back at me i wanted to turn … Continue reading

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painful relationship lessons I’ve learned (choices choices choices)

I used to suffer so much in relationships. Not just love relationships, but with family and friends as well. (Yes, family members can be draining, although no one likes to admit it.) Love is not supposed to be painful. These … Continue reading

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