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It’s not in your head, these planetary pressures are FOR REAL

Everyone is feeling massive pressure in some way… Pluto wants transformation. Uranus shakes things up. If there are things in your life that haven’t been working… it will be shown to you by breaking down… and you will be FORCED … Continue reading

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small nurturing steps is all it takes to get things done

I was texting my friend a little earlier about the progress we’ve both made in our homes… (repairs, de-cluttering, organizing…) It always comes down to a time and money issue… So I procrastinate, which leads to more stress, worry, disorganization… … Continue reading

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the familiar becomes new

I am going through this death/rebirth process… I see the familiar with new eyes…     Living Authentically.

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same city.. a thousand miles away

Overheard on the subway platform: “… you are in the same city, but a thousand miles away, my friend…” Unfortunately, I relate… So many different lifestyles here, meshing schedules isn’t as seamless as one would think… My very good friend … Continue reading

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I spy dragonfly…

This weekend I mostly organized… while clearing out my phone photos, I remembered this copulation scene from late last summer, during their mating season… I’ve only seen pictures, so it is interesting to witness in the moment. I’m sure if … Continue reading

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lessons from the little one…

I am beyond exhausted, I can barely focus, but felt compelled to share… The incessant rain, huge puddles, and the grumpalumps didn’t get me down today… Armored with a huge rainbow-colored umbrella and Bogs boots (Hunters may be fashionable, but … Continue reading

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I don’t get it, I don’t want to get it…

I just don’t understand how you live in NYC and not have friends of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles… I don’t get it… I don’t want to get it… But, it’s not for me to get… That’s my opinion … Continue reading

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let’s see when summer comes

aaaaaahhhh! the greys sneak in between my tight little curls salt and pepper colored hair means i’m old or is that just more bullshit i was told? is age even a real thing? companies want products sold sing, registers, sing … Continue reading

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I’m not pushing right now

Thoughts while I while I make my fresh ginger tea… This is the third morning that I slept late and taking it easy, I feel guilty. My work load is much lighter this week and my goal was to tackle … Continue reading

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thoughts are powerful, nothing is coincidental

The energy emanating from thoughts is real… Last night, I said aloud: what I resist the most, is exactly what I need…… Just because I avoid looking at trigger topics, doesn’t mean issues will disappear… (Who loves to talk about money? … Continue reading

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