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It’s not in your head, these planetary pressures are FOR REAL

Everyone is feeling massive pressure in some way… Pluto wants transformation. Uranus shakes things up. If there are things in your life that haven’t been working… it will be shown to you by breaking down… and you will be FORCED … Continue reading

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thoughts are powerful, nothing is coincidental

The energy emanating from thoughts is real… Last night, I said aloud: what I resist the most, is exactly what I need…… Just because I avoid looking at trigger topics, doesn’t mean issues will disappear… (Who loves to talk about money? … Continue reading

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celestial bodies beckoned me last night…

As I was doing my Reiki self-care last night, the celestial bodies beckoned, so I pulled back the curtain… Greetings, glistening Moon! Always happy to see you! But what star is shimmering so close by…? (After ascertaining that it wasn’t … Continue reading

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just another snow day… or is it something bigger…?

Here’s my opinion on this wacky winter weather… God is mad at us. Ha ha! No, seriously, globally, we are creating these drastic shifts in weather patterns. (The media makes this worse trying to scare us, but that’s a whole other … Continue reading

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