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small nurturing steps is all it takes to get things done

I was texting my friend a little earlier about the progress we’ve both made in our homes… (repairs, de-cluttering, organizing…) It always comes down to a time and money issue… So I procrastinate, which leads to more stress, worry, disorganization… … Continue reading

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Attention Shoppers: If you need a quilt, Macy’s is having a MEGA sale!

Who doesn’t love a sale? With the warmer weather coming, I need a coverlet or quilt for my guests. I can’t deal with shopping at Macy’s anymore. The store is completely disorganized and it gives me a headache. I can’t … Continue reading

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…you have to get up, get out, and get gone!

Lots to do today to prepare for the busy week ahead… As much as I am engrossed in my projects, I had to stop to write this. I am not depressed, but not necessarily blissful either. New Wave is the … Continue reading

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I received The Liebster Award! and the madness commences…

First thoughts upon being nominated: I received a Liebster award! Totally unexpected and encouraging, but what does this mean? Hopefully it leads to more traffic… and that’s a good thing, right? Then, I panicked. The flood of self-doubt kicked in… I wanted … Continue reading

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establishing new habits…keep it simple

I’ve always had “to-do” lists since I was a little girl. But my list for ONE day is always so long and impossible to complete. A robot, I am not, so let’s get real…..What is imperative? AND What am I … Continue reading

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A Sweet Find!!! (and always a lesson)

Always looking for a deal, I took a chance on a new “Dollar Store” in my neighborhood, hoping to find new sources for basic home supplies. The store is huge, CLEAN, and the layout is simple. After scanning the first … Continue reading

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My Truth About Chores

Chore: a burdensome and unpleasant task ICK! Why would anyone want to do chores???? My husband and I never had a formal conversation about caring for our home. Luckily, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so we let go … Continue reading

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