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It’s not in your head, these planetary pressures are FOR REAL

Everyone is feeling massive pressure in some way… Pluto wants transformation. Uranus shakes things up. If there are things in your life that haven’t been working… it will be shown to you by breaking down… and you will be FORCED … Continue reading

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THE Life Lesson from Living Authentically in 2014

From this moment forward, I take full responsibility to always make the best choices  for my highest self. And if I don’t, I am aware that  ALL actions have consequences.  No one is exempt from this universal truth. My new mantra: Eyes … Continue reading

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simple truth

People have to learn their own lessons. Who am I trying to give advice, when my life is not in order? People will ALWAYS do what they want, regardless of what I tell them. I am fully aware that all … Continue reading

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I am no longer the reigning Queen of Avoidance and Sidestepping

Cancerians avoid and sidestep. I always run away from confrontations and difficult issues. BUT where does that get me? Nowhere!! Well, there was a complicated circumstance from my past that I thought was completely resolved but reared its ugly head … Continue reading

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