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It’s not in your head, these planetary pressures are FOR REAL

Everyone is feeling massive pressure in some way… Pluto wants transformation. Uranus shakes things up. If there are things in your life that haven’t been working… it will be shown to you by breaking down… and you will be FORCED … Continue reading

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THE Life Lesson from Living Authentically in 2014

From this moment forward, I take full responsibility to always make the best choices  for my highest self. And if I don’t, I am aware that  ALL actions have consequences.  No one is exempt from this universal truth. My new mantra: Eyes … Continue reading

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simple truth

People have to learn their own lessons. Who am I trying to give advice, when my life is not in order? People will ALWAYS do what they want, regardless of what I tell them. I am fully aware that all … Continue reading

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either way…

Introspection… How many times have I done things because I didn’t want people to think that I am ______? (fill in the blank) It’s not really about them, it’s about what I really think about myself… because if I knew … Continue reading

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This is The Fool Reversed…

The message delivered by the Fool reversed… I can’t keep doing the same things over and over and over that I know are not good for me… that will eventually lead to an incapacitating migraine… or whatever else that may … Continue reading

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feeling the pain of the lie

I thought my value came from seeking validation through external sources… parents, family, friends, mates, bosses… I thought my value was how much money I have accumulated or the job title I have… …or that I’ll exercise and ‘look good’ so … Continue reading

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I know how this works now…

The other day I found a quarter in the slot for the dryer in our shared laundry room. I was about to snatch it up… Yay, a free quarter for laundry! Except, no…….. it wasn’t a “free” quarter… I already … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Janis!

Amazing performances in A Night With Janis Joplin… I left the theater feeling empowered… “…what I want for my life is to just be real… I don’t want to bullshit myself… I don’t want to bullshit anyone else…” Happy Birthday, Janis!!!! … Continue reading

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holy wakeup call, batman!

i caught my reflection in the mirror stripped down naked baring my soul sometimes you just have to face yourself and ask how did i get here? the culmination of my past choices glared back at me i wanted to turn … Continue reading

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Why the double-standard?

Why do some adults expect children to “be careful not to break anything” (which will most likely happen by accident), when adults purposefully destroy all the time? (Whose chastising or beating them??) Children are supposed to share… but adults don’t have … Continue reading

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