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not a moment to hesitate…

I started my morning off with this message from DJ Rockwell: I love driving around (or rather, being driven around, because driving in NYC can be is stressful)… and you only have but one second to take a photo… no chance … Continue reading

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same city.. a thousand miles away

Overheard on the subway platform: “… you are in the same city, but a thousand miles away, my friend…” Unfortunately, I relate… So many different lifestyles here, meshing schedules isn’t as seamless as one would think… My very good friend … Continue reading

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more iPhone tricks

So my husband can’t stop taking photos of me and I usually ruin them all with scrunched up faces… the moment before the scowl…  Anyway, he grabbed my phone to demonstrate a few iPhone tricks: ∗ Need to know the … Continue reading

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I’m not pushing right now

Thoughts while I while I make my fresh ginger tea… This is the third morning that I slept late and taking it easy, I feel guilty. My work load is much lighter this week and my goal was to tackle … Continue reading

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Reader or Email? (free flow thoughts)

I have to make a decision… Do I start following blogs by email or do I continue to follow through Reader and continue to miss posts? The Reader is convenient when I’m on the go… but somehow I don’t catch … Continue reading

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Where is ME time?

I have simultaneous projects to complete by the end of the week. I take care of an apartment rental and he JUST gave me permission to spruce it up. His guests arrive this Saturday. Home shopping is always fun, except I … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: Time

Time is the most valuable commodity I own. Each moment is priceless. You can always make more money, but you can’t turn back the clock. How do you SPEND your time? Every second spent stewing in anger, doing something you … Continue reading

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