But I’m so nice, so giving, so loving…

I could never figure out why I was always caught in the same positions over and over…. why I was, once again, feeling like I do everything to keep the peace, while the other person just makes my life miserable…

But I’m so nice, I’m so giving, I’m so loving… was my mantra…

BUT, I wasn’t nice, giving, or loving towards myself……….. 

Let me be completely honest… I always thought that I should be rewarded for being self-sacrificing… such a joke! I assumed others would treat me well because I did the best I could for them…. all the while not taking care of my own needs or speaking up… Furthermore, I did things out of guilt and then resented it at the same time. So whose fault is that? But I couldn’t see my part in it at all.

Once I made that realization – POOF! – like magic, relationship problems dissolved. It wasn’t smooth sailing the whole time because of karma, but I was consistent and persistent in my approach… every relationship changed… I am clear about my boundaries now and refuse to do things out of guilt. I don’t go above and beyond expecting praise (I won’t get any)… nor will I lie to keep the other person happy…

But why did I do that? Deep down I was scared that I wasn’t good enough as I was, that I could be discarded at any moment… left alone, with nothing… Totally untrue, by the way, but had I continued down that road, for sure I would crate exactly that… miseries based on my FEARS…

When I look at other areas of my life now, (what isn’t working) I see the problems stem from me not being in alignment with my core values… and/or taking a passive approach, hoping the situation will just clear itself… it doesn’t work that way…

Living Authentically.


About Tacey

I'm a free-spirit... Reiki is my way of life... but I also love the 80's, music, art, travel, fashion, tarot, astrology, numerology, yoga, home stuff... and encouraging others. Blogging, photography, and baking bread are my creative outlets... Life isn't always easy for me... but I'm here...
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6 Responses to But I’m so nice, so giving, so loving…

  1. great post, keep it up. what you say is so true, I have been there, still figuring things out also, but it starts with you, when you know your worth, and display it, then others can not make you miserable.

  2. Bubba says:

    AMAZING post

  3. Sophie33 says:

    A really great post, my friend,…x

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