my life is not a popularity contest

Socially, I don’t talk about my blog and I don’t promote it… I told a few friends in the beginning and I’m flattered that they do follow it. Other friends don’t, and it doesn’t bother me in the least…

But the other day, I casually mentioned something about …posting to my blog… and I was “attacked” (honestly, it only felt like an attack because of my insecurities) with a barrage of questions and comments…

How many followers do you have? Do you blog daily or on a schedule? Do you post it to twitter? Did you link it with Instagram? Do you have photos in every post? Why don’t you include your work with the tarot? Why aren’t you taking as many photos? People respond well to consistency… You’ll get more followers if you honed in on one topic... and so on…

At some point, I tuned out. People can have their opinions and share them, even if I don’t agree. So my response was, “Oh, yes, you are right, thank you so much!” Lets face it, most people only want to hear that they are “right” anyway.

I happen to agree with all the suggestions…

But this exchange triggered old feelings of guilt and inadequacy… Why wasn’t I posting with more consistency? What am I doing here? Nothing I do is ever good enough…

So then what is the point of having a blog? Half the things I want to share, I’m unsure of how they will be received. (Still caught up in self-doubt, with my blocked chakras and all…) But I don’t have to follow any rules. My main goal is be truthful with what I share and be in the moment. With this blog, I am more authentic than I’ve been in my life… a huge accomplishment! (Also, my friends are pretty vocal and will call me out on my bullshit if they spotted exaggeration and lies.)

In no way am I saying that I don’t care at all if people read my blog. Of course I do. It’s so nice to know people can relate to me in some way…

But my life is not a popularity contest… I don’t want to get caught up in “likes” or the number of followers I have… this blog is about me working out my shit while…

Living Authentically.


About Tacey

I'm a free-spirit... Reiki is my way of life... but I also love the 80's, music, art, travel, fashion, tarot, astrology, numerology, yoga, home stuff... and encouraging others. Blogging, photography, and baking bread are my creative outlets... Life isn't always easy for me... but I'm here...
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14 Responses to my life is not a popularity contest

  1. #1 it sounds like they either have OCD or they are reporters : they are like that with a million questions,. they can’t help it. you do what you want & tell them you will throw them out the window.

  2. Sophie33 says:

    I agree here, my friend! It is your own personal blog & you do with it what you want. I am not on facebook nor twitter or instagram & I don’t bother nor mind. Sometimes, I post only every 3 weeks or so because the blogging Pr sucks!! Happy Holidays to you & your loved ones!! 🙂 xxx hugs from Belgium! x

  3. Great post. Some people only care about stats, they do not want to know or hear the reason, you keep on keeping it truthfully.

  4. Lynn says:

    Heartfelt and authentic…. that is hard to do. Good for you!

  5. Just keep doing what you’re doing…please.

  6. When I first started writing my blog I didn’t even use tags. I didn’t care if anyone read my blog. I didn’t even tell my friends about it. I wrote it because I wanted to have a place for my thoughts. And that’s what this place is for me. I may not write here every day but I know that when I do feel like writing something I have a place to do it. So, don’t feel bad if you’ve been away for a while. It’s your place. Use it however and whenever you want to! : )

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