Full Moon Magic at 4:20

moon at 4-20-1

I’ve had three bad dreams – nightmares – in a row… the full moon always affects me. I never paid that much attention to it… just noticing on a clear night, that full moons are pretty and illuminating… never making the connection that everyone is just a teeny bit loonier that usual… and I am usually off the charts wacky. But since I’ve followed astrology a bit deeper, I understand the associations.

Most of us learned in school that the gravitational pull of the moon affects the oceans, so I believe it can affect emotions as well. Our bodies are comprised (according to the internet) of about 60% water (or coffee – Tee Hee!), so this makes sense to me.

A bit about my astrological natal chart
My Sun sign is in Cancer (moody), my Moon and Ascendant are BOTH Scorpio (Yikes!) ALL WATER… sensitive, attuned to others, empathic, intuitive, and, of course, emotional. Think about the ocean… it can be calm and tranquil, soothing and nurturing, or rough, icy, and DESTRUCTIVE. To top it off, my chart has NO FIRE in it, not one planet. Although I do have a bit of air and earth. To boot, majority of the other planets are in Cancer!! Too much of one thing creates imbalance. Now that I have discovered this, I was able to get a better grasp of my emotions and that’s why continual grounding is ESSENTIAL.

Back to the full moon
I’ve been a bit crabby with my husband the past few days and… teary. I know ahead of time when the full moon (and new moon) is coming because depending on what sign it is in, I know what area to focus on for growth and change. (Should I change this blog to growth and change?) But I’ve been a little busy and didn’t get a chance to journal on this specific Pisces (water sign) full moon.

So last night, I woke myself up from my disruptive dream… completely freaked out! Then I saw the moon shining into my bedroom. I turned on my phone, took a photo, posted it to Instagram… sending everyone peace, love, and light. It was 4:20AM. Instinctively, I placed my tarot cards in the window for cleansing because the moonlight was so powerful. My tarot readings over the past week have been repetitive, drawing the same card each time. The image of the Three of Wands and the Fool popped into my head, so I did a short meditation on it… releasing some pain from the past, and ended with brief Reiki self-care. (Will hopefully blog on that tomorrow, but I always say that and never do…) Then went back to sleep.

I am not exactly sure why I am sharing this experience because I woke up late and I have to get ready to go… But perhaps my point is… release stuff or it WILL haunt you, preventing growth and change…

Living Authentically.


About Tacey

I'm a free-spirit... Reiki is my way of life... but I also love the 80's, music, art, travel, fashion, tarot, astrology, numerology, yoga, home stuff... and encouraging others. Blogging, photography, and baking bread are my creative outlets... Life isn't always easy for me... but I'm here...
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