Third Lunar Ecplise… DREAM BIG! (and some astrology humor)


Total Lunar Eclipse in Egypt Photo credit Sean Bagshaw

I just listened to the Astrological forecast for the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on June 25th, by Kelley Rosano. By “accident” I recently discovered her on YouTube and her interpretations are spot on. Extremely beneficial for me because it mirrors my path. Recently, I was talking to a friend who was upset about something, solely because she wasn’t being true to herself. I was in no way preaching, but she wanted my honest opinion. Then “randomly” I found Kelley and she said the same things! (I sent the link to the friend and she was grateful.) Her insights give vocabulary to some confusion in my life, and with clarity I can move past these hurdles. Astrology isn’t for everyone (we hear what we need to from different sources), but I don’t see how a precept such as living in your truth, doesn’t apply to us all…

Kelley ended the video with a bit of light-hearted Astrology humor… (It’s funnier if you know the character traits of the signs, which of course I do, and I can already hear some in denial, Hahaha!)

After sex comments of the 12 signs…

ARIES: OK, Let’s do it again!

TAURUS: I’m hungry, pass the pizza…

GEMINI: Have you seen the remote?

CANCER: When are we getting married? (Sooooo true!)

LEO: Wasn’t I fantastic?!

VIRGO: I need to wash the sheets…

LIBRA: I liked it, if you liked it…

SCORPIO: Perhaps I should untie you…

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t call me, I’ll call you…

CAPRICORN: Do you have a business card?

AQUARIUS: Let’s try it with our clothes off…

PISCES: What was your name again?

Here is the video and a link to Kelley’s website if you want a bit of guidance to navigate through and take advantage of the planetary positions during this lunar eclipse…

Kelley Rosano

Living Authentically.


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