Serendipity in France: Invader Street Art

As I organize, sorting through and filing my Europe photos taken with the iPhone… while reviewing themes and what catches my attention, I wondered: Why did it take a trip outside of NYC to realize how much I enjoy street art? Living here, barely breathing and with my head down all the time, I suppose I grew immune to my surroundings. I was a bit familiar with Shepard Fairey (Andre the Giant, OBEY), but unobservant to so much more. My introduction to Banksy and Mr. Brainwash pierced through my steadfast beliefs about life… challenging me to go beyond the accepted restrictions that inevitably choked me. Striving as hard as I could, I failed miserably at conformity. I thought I had insurmountable mental incapacities. But nothing was/is wrong with me. Attempting to follow society’s rules turned me into a lifeless and sour robot. Now my eyes are open…

In France: Driving into Paris from Normandy, jamming into crazy traffic, I glanced to the left… first sighting of Space Invader pixel art! Invader is renown French urban street artist, who invaded cities in France, Europe, and all over the world with his tile mosaics.
About Space Invader – Artist Biography

Clumsily, I grabbed my iPhone 4S… the light was about to turn…


Sweet! After returning the car, we planned to catch the train to Berlin… SOLD OUT! Instead of sulking (because really, who would mope in Paris?), we choose to explore Montmartre to see the Sacré-Coeur. (Same day as my post: Do what you love…) Wandering aimlessly, behold, the second sighting…

space invader-1

and directly across the street…


So within a few hours, not even looking for them, we saw three Invader mosaics! After another adventure in Montmartre, amazingly, we stumble upon a FOURTH one… walking in the wrong direction! (Boulevard de Clichy, near-ish to Moulin Rouge, I think.)


Serendipity for sure!

If you are curious about street art and life philosophies, check out, Exit Through The Gift Shop: A Banksy Film. (Distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories, company of Adam Yauch, the Beastie Boys.) And while you’re at it, browse through Wall and Piece, by Bansky.

Here is a cool link I found when looking for other pixel art in Paris and Montmartre.
Cool stuff in Paris

Living Authentically.  


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6 Responses to Serendipity in France: Invader Street Art

  1. marcelino guerrero says:

    these tags much more subtle and tasteful then most of the ones here in the states. thanks for sharing

  2. Kareen says:

    I didn’t even know the story behind these little tiled critters!! I see them all the time. I thought it was just something that city authorities put up haha. Yeah, Paris is filled with lots of great street art! I really really need to start taking photos of them and making a collection.

  3. Hey Tacey, thanks for the link to our artist profile on Blek Le Rat. I must say, the iphone still gets some nice shots though. Thanks again!

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