some Banksy quotes to ponder…


“A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.”

“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.”

“A lot of people never use their initiative because no one told them to.”


Living Authentically.


About Tacey

I'm a free-spirit... Reiki is my way of life... but I also love the 80's, music, art, travel, fashion, tarot, astrology, numerology, yoga, home stuff... and encouraging others. Blogging, photography, and baking bread are my creative outlets... Life isn't always easy for me... but I'm here...
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7 Responses to some Banksy quotes to ponder…

  1. OK two minutes ago I didn’t know who this guy was…now he’s my new hero. gotta find out more about him.

  2. Aww, man, that’s awesome. Thanks for those quotes. I needed them just about now!

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