I guess no one remembers history…

My photographer husband took amazing photos on our vacation. I scroll through these pictures 100 times a day for inspiration. But I usually skip over the photos that elicit a mélange of emotions. Learning about World War II made a lasting impression – my perceptions forever altered. My thoughts are completely jumbled with the real cognizance of events, the French and German perspectives, and what I thought I knew or didn’t know. I am still searching for words… yeah, it’s that deep.

These photos were taken at Le Mémorial de Caen Musée (The Peace Museum) in Normandie, France. The question that burns inside me now is: What is the point of learning history if we continue with the madness? How does one forget the atrocities hate produced…. remember this guy?

Any mention of him and I want to vomit, like immediately.

I thought the reason for learning history is to understand how NOT to repeat the past. In ANY way. Yet, I witness daily examples of mostly hate and intolerance. Here’s another random question, what does the united in United States mean? We are NOT united, so I’m perplexed….. and sad.

Powerful image. Did some of us forget already? It seems that way. The political climate is SCARY. People are still attacking others, like it’s a fun hobby! But I’m grateful every single day for being a New Yorker. I never learned intolerance. Living with different ethnicities, different foods, different religions, different incomes, different points of view, different lifestyles…. it’s all I know. When I didn’t understand life lessons, then continued to blame others, my life sucked even more. If each person focused on their own shit, they wouldn’t have time to worry about what other people are doing. Take personal responsibility, GET IT TOGETHER (day FIVE on repeat), and then be available in a healthy way to help others. It really is that simple. My partner says I am very naive. I know, but I just don’t see the point in wasting precious time and energy on causing disharmony or hating. Love is the opposite of hate, and I finally learned that it is way easier to love. Where does your energy flow, yo???

Living Authentically.


About Tacey

I'm a free-spirit... Reiki is my way of life... but I also love the 80's, music, art, travel, fashion, tarot, astrology, numerology, yoga, home stuff... and encouraging others. Blogging, photography, and baking bread are my creative outlets... Life isn't always easy for me... but I'm here...
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6 Responses to I guess no one remembers history…

  1. Tourism Oxford says:

    Wow! And they didn’t repair the Hitler portrait – perhaps as it should be.

  2. Joel says:

    I actually just finished watching Days of Glory (It’s French with English subtitles). It’s about the French-Algerian fighters who fought in the WW2. Amazing movie.

    Fully agree with you though, we do it again and again. Dropkick Murphys “covered” a song called Green Fields of France. It is right to the tune of your post Tacey.

    Amazing photos David!

  3. Ajay Kaul says:

    Enjoyed reading your post. Refreshing and thoughtful. We love to point out bad guys without looking at ourselves. We are to blame too – because we do flip to the channels to listen to the rhetoric and fear. But I do think that the US offers a great example where different backgrounds come together solely on economic grounds. If all ethnic, cultural and religious diversity could be shunned in favor of economics – we would be materialistic, but definitely hate free 🙂

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